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Kaiyō was founded by a former Asahi employee.



Kaiyō Mizunara Oak - from the Japanese oak tree in Osaka Japan, aged on land and at sea, 43% ABV: a light amber colour on inspection; a nose of apricots, orange peel, sea breezes, and wet cardboard; the bouquet is quite thin. 

 Taste: caramel, ripe bananas, black tea, sweet honey, cedarwood, plus a little fruit marmalade and corn syrup.  The finish consisted of a salty caramel with cinnamon and lasted 70 seconds.  This Scotch was of medium intensity with no peat.  June 2021. 3.5/5





Kaiyō Mizunara Oak Cask Strength Osaka Japan aged on land and at sea in Mizunara oak casks,  53% ABV: an amber colour; on the nose caramel, vanilla, orange zest and a bit of mint.


In the mouth oak, ginger, spicy cardamom and some herbs, with a fine finish of 70 seconds.  Steelier, a bit more serious, and less fruity than the 43% version. June 2021.  3.75/5