Cheese Rater France

Bouyguette   Midi-Pyrénées Region

"Fromagerie Segalafrom, makers of Bouyguette, was founded by the Etevenon family in 1978 near Tarn, in the Midi-Pyrenees region of France. The name of the farm, "La Colline aux Chèvres" literally translates as “the hill of the goats”, and has long been renowned for the high quality milk produced from the herd of about 150 goats. Therefore, it was a natural extension for the family to create a variety of goat’s milk cheeses. In 2005, the cheesemaking operation moved to a larger facility at Carmaux, which allowed for an expansion of the business, while still maintaining small-batch cheese production. Made between Spring and Autumn, Bouyguette is made from raw goat’s milk and weighs approximately 3-4 oz (100g). For production, milk is slowly coagulated using a lactic fermentation process and the curd shaped by hand and wrapped in linen cloth..."


Ref:   Accessed 12 February 2020.

Goat's cheese: Pale colour.  Rich, quite creamy with aromas of thyme, basil and hay; not strong.  3.5/5