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Le Cri de la Lumière

by Parfum d'Empire


The opening is greeting me with two main features: a bright iris (Florentine per description), and ambrette seeds, with the latter emanating the aromas of white musks and whiffs of an amber-like undertone.   An aldehyde-derived brightness permeates the opening stage.




The drydown adds a - rather green - Turkish rose impression, which is quite bright again and continues the uplifting and friendly feeling of this mix.




Later on a woody accords is making an appearance; a nonspecific and restrained wood impression that weakens gradually towards the end.




I get moderate sillage, good projection, and four hours of longevity on my skin.




A positive and uplifting scent for warmer spring days, this bright iris scent is devoid of any powderiness on me, and a light-hearted floral creation.  It is not particularly original for some stretches, and the ingredients are veering towards the generic on me.  A bit on the average side.    Overall 2.75/5