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Pérez Barquero Montilla-Moriles

Perez Barquero was established in 1905.  Rafael Cordoba the owner of three wineries in Montilla, Bodegas Gracia, Vinicola del Sur and Tomas Garcia, bought it in 1985, and the four now constitute the Perez Barquero Group.


These 'foundational' soleras go back to1905; they were released once in 2002; around 1,000 bottles of each were made.



Bottle No. 307


Bodegas Pérez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado from  the Montilla-Moriles region in Andalucia.  The solera was initiated in 1905;  100% Pedro Ximénes grape. Bottle No. 0307, 1000 bottles produced. 

The colour was a  beautiful transparent dark amber with a reddish mahogany touch.  The bouquet includes very nice whiffs of raisins and wood.  In the mouth were raisins again, with dusty burnt woods,  orange peels with bitter chocolate touches, and in the background salty nuts.  It is not heavy, not thickly, but rich, with a splendid finish of 80 seconds.  A complex, nuanced and refined Amontillado. Drink -2027.  May 2021.  4.25/5





Bodegas Perez Barquero 1905 Solera Fundacional Pedro Ximénes Montilla-Moriles Andalucia Bottle No. 338 of c. 1000 Bottles made.  An impressive black thick colour, with a bouquet of burnt sugar and woods.  In the mouth we got toffee, burnt molasses and sugar caramel toffee, and a good measure of fruit jam.  Then a balsamic touch was added, which, at times, took on a minty undertone.  The texture was smooth and velvety,  but not that rich.  Overall it is more on the medium-light side, but with a tremendous finish of 80 seconds.  Drink -2030.  May  2021. 4/5