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Santal Impérial by Creed

Originally this product was launched in 1850 for the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, and it surely must have changed since then.


Initially there is a lemon note, with bergamot mixed in and quite dominant initially.  Gentle freshness pervades.


The heart notes centred around a tonka sweetness, which again is very discreet.  Certainly it is never intense of intrusive.


Then the sandalwood arrives.  Sometimes states to be a Mysore Sandalwood (1), but it is very restrained and later in the bases is soon pushed aside by some ambergris - as it happen a bit in Creed's creations over the decades.


I get soft sillage, adequate projection and a decent longevity of about four hours.


This is not an intensive scent for warmer autumn days and great in the office.  Santal Imperial is centered around a fairly straightforward sandalwood, which is less intense than Bois de Santal of the same House, and rather pale at times.  A conservative, classic and unobtrusive yet quite convincing sandalwood fragrance, if one ignores the performance issues.  3.5/5


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