Tabarome Millésime

Apart of the name, this fragrance really has nothing to do with the beloved Vintage Tabarome.


The fresh ginger impression starts it off and is balanced by tobacco, but the latter a light fresh tobacco of some Virginia cigarettes in a box.  The tobacco is merely a gentle background note on me, but it adds a pleasant twist.  There are hints of mandarins noticeable here and there, but more as an background than a major player.


Tea appears in the drydown - a mild tea note, and a hint of bergamot combined with a touch of vetiver round it off.


The base still keeps a lot of the ginger, but now a woodsy undertone, sandal mainly, but this is very weak.  Hints of a soft suede-like leather come and go.  The ambergris that chracterises many Creed products is present here too, mixed with a soft patchouli that is quite bright and lacks any harshness. 


After three hours it becomes closer to my skin, with excellent projection and with a good overall longevity of about six hours.


Restrained, eminently wearable albeit worlds away from the powerhouse whose name it shares, but a good scent it its own right. I'd wear this in cold seasons, as with my skin chemistry ginger can be cloying in the heat; it works very well on warmer autumn days.   3.75/5