Thé Noir by Bulgari


The opening is a floral burst, with a nice magnolia that is prominent on me; a somewhat nonspecific rose is added in soon.  Not very bright, but not really dark either.




The eponymous black tea is arriving soon afterwards, a gentle slightly watered-down tea that is not very specific; this is no comparison t the sheer tea force of Bulgari black.  Equally, the noir lacks any smokiness of me.




Thins become a tad edgier towards the end - by adding an oud-patchouli combination, but soon it smoothens again.  The oud is not very sharp, and fortunately does not evolve into another rose-oud, as the rose is virtually gone when it approaches the base.   The patchouli is of the softer variety too.  There is a woodsy undertone in the background, which blends with the patchouli towards the end.




I get moderate sillage, limited projection, and five hours of longevity on my skin.




 A pleasant, tame and weaker tea creation hat is more floral than tea initially.  Some notes are a bit weak and generic, other are more convincing.  The performance is limited.  Overall 2.75/5